Subscriber console PA-3204

Technical parameters


The console is designed for individual use by a conference party at the workplace within the office loudspeaker system.


  • Speech perception using a microphone and signal transmission for amplification and switching;
  • Local insonation at the workplace;
  • Enabling the microphone using “MICROPHONE” button;
  • Disabling the built-in loudspeaker, when the microphone is enabled;
  • Volume adjusting of the built-in loudspeaker and additional remote speaker system;
  • Call of the manager by pressing the button with call progress indication;
  • Indication of the subscriber console operation modes:
    • standby - the green status indicator;
    • connection to the conference - the red status indicator;
    • call progress to the manager - switching the status indicator (red/green).
  • The capability of changing the position of the microphone relative to the user, taking into account their individual needs, without moving the console base.

Technical parameters

Dimensions, WxHxD  200х80х160 mm 
Weight  1.5 kg