Digital cross-connect DXC-8E-01

Technical parameters


The digital cross-connect allows switching 8 E1 streams at 64 kbps channel intervals. The device has a flexible cross-connect matrix, easily configurable using a PC. In addition to its main function, the cross-connect has a number of additional features, such as organizing conference channels, logical conjunction channels, synchronization tracking, etc.


  • Switching of 256 channels (256х64 kbps);
  • A flexible tuning of the cross-connect matrix that allows you to assign individual arbitrary digital channels, split the E1 stream into several substreams;
  • Selecting the synchronization source and synchronization tracking;
  • Serving 30 conference groups;
  • Maintenance of 30 logical processing groups;
  • PC control and diagnostics;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Integrated input circuit protection

Technical parameters


E1 interface 
Number of ports 8
Transmission standard As per ITU-T G.703,G.704 
Line code HDB3
Wave impedance 120 Ohm
Integrated input circuit protection  

Characteristics of the switching matrix 
Dimension of the matrix 256x256 connections
Switching level 64 Kbps CI
Synchronization internal or from E1 ports
Number of CU groups 30
Number of MU groups 30

Control port 
Interface RS-232/RS-485 over a common bus
Control means Specialized software "Potok-2"

Power supply

Supply voltage 20 ... 32 V DC
Power consumption 3 W
Constructive 19 ” plug-in module

Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 262×35×295 mm