Repeater radio station assembly URR-4

Technical parameters


URR-4 is designed to organize the work of radio stations in two modes:

- radio station;

- repeater.

URR-4 is intended for use in conjunction with engineering communication system “Channel-T” and data communication system “Stream-2".

Technical parameters


Impedance from the communication line 600 Ohm ±10%
Transmitter triggering  
line signal with voice
PC signal SQ level
Transmitter off delay when the voice signal from the line was lost minimum 1 sec
The level of the output to the communication line -13 dB/+4 dB
Acceptable input range -20 dB to +10 dB
The level of the input from the communication line  
Radio station signal level  
Radion station starting  
Radio station/repeater operation mode

Number of frequency channels 8
Frequency band (134 to 160) MHz
Channel spacing 12.5 kHz
Frequency stability ±2,5 ppm
Sensitivity (12 dB SINAD) 0.20 µV
Antenna impedance 50 Ohm

Output power 10 W
Frequency stability ±2,5 ppm
Noise level 45 dB (25 kHz)
Harmonic distortion less than 5%
Receiving and transmitting radio station operate to one antenna via duplex filter 
Temperature range −30 to +60ºС
URR power supply voltage 220 V mains