Distribution unit CS-1202C

Technical parameters


CS-1202C is designed for communication between conference parties via standard VF channels, and also via the digital Е1 interface in digital networks.

To encode an analog voice signal, a digital channel unit with a G.703 port is used. The analog signal is A-law coded. The coded signal takes up 1 or 2 channel intervals in the E1 stream. The number of the channel interval is adjustable and can be from 1 to 31.

Technical parameters

Number of connected communication channels 11 VF channels + 1 digital E1 channel
Termination four-wire
Channel input/output impedance 600 Ohm
Rated input/output level -13/+4 dB
Crosstalk attenuation in the transmission lines for each route, when the noise barrier is open -60 dB
Own unweighted noise, maximum -46 dB
Adjustable noise barrier threshold -30 to 0 dB
Line rate 2048 kbps
Waveform (mask) as per ITU-T G.703
Transmission path synchronization Internal, Е1
Input and output impedance (port G.703) 120±3.6 Ohm
Receiver sensitivity -12/-43 dB
Power supply voltage, DC 24 to 60 V
Power consumption 40 W
Design 3U monoblock for a 19" rack
Dimensions, WxHxD 483х132х240 mm
Weight, maximum 5.4 kg



Shema TS 1202TS