Subscriber set KA-8201

Technical parameters


The subscriber set is installed at the operator’s, manager’s or the party’s workplace, and is designed to operate within CDSS-01 system.


  • A dynamic microphone with built-in power-on indicator;
  • A built-in speaker;
  • Two control buttons “MICROPHONE” and “FIX”;
  • Integrated input circuit protection;
  • The capability of power supply to the console from the 12 V power supply or from BOPD-2801 via Cat. 5 UTP cable, when the console is remoted to a distance not exceeding 350 m;
  • Conversion of the voice signal from the microphone into a digital E1 stream and dropping of the voice signal from the E1 stream to the speaker;
  • The console is controlled and monitored using CDS-01 control software;
  • Enabling/disabling the microphone of your console using “MICROPHONE” button;
  • Indication of the microphone's “on” state;
  • Automatic disabling the console loudspeaker, when the microphone is enabled;
  • The capability of changing the position of the microphone relative to the user, taking into account their individual needs, without moving the console base.


  •  Subscriber console PA-8201 with a microphone (Fig., right);
  •  Speaker AS-1;
  •  220 V/12 V power supply;
  •  2 m cable to connect the console to AS-1 speaker.

Technical parameters

Interface Е1  
Standard G.703, G.704
Line code HDB3
Synchronization sources E1 port
Wave impedance 120 Ohm
Amplifier power output to the speaker 1 W
Local supply voltage from the power supply ~220 V
Remote power supply to up to 350 m from BOPD-2801 via linking interface E1
Power consumption 2 W
Desktop design with the dynamic microphone 1.3 kg