Distribution unit CS-1606

Technical parameters


DSP-based CS-1606 with programmable features is installed in the communications centre and is designed for organizing several simultaneous independent conferences with an arbitrary set of channels via standard four-wire VF channels and physical lines with an improved signal.


  • Distribution of four-wire VF channels to 16 routes;
  • Front-panel control and management of the unit functions:

          - number of simultaneous conferences with an arbitrary set of channels up to 8;

          - selecting the conference mode: intercom, dispatch;

          - channel distribution by conferences;

          - channel prioritization - three levels;

          - input level regulation (channel gain control);

          - output level rating;

          - 200 Hz, 8 kHz filter

          - input/output level measurement;

          - signal bandwidth adjustment.

  • External PC management using dedicated software (IP protocol);
  • Design - 2U 19” rack.


  • Concentration of conference control and management functions at one workplace;
  • Displaying names of objects and destinations;
  • Forming and control of the composition of the parties;
  • The capability to manage remote units;
  • Determining a conference role (listener, speaker);
  • Prioritizing subscribers;
  • Control and management of the channel parameters;
  • Saving of conferences to a PC and quick “calling” of a conference by its number.

Technical parameters

Number of lines for connecting channels or studios 16
The number of system units that are connected via digital channel up to 16
Termination four-wire
Channel input/output impedance 600 Ohm
Rated input level -20 to +10 dB
Rated output level -13/0/+4 dB
Crosstalk attenuation in the transmission lines for each route, when the noise barrier is open -60 dB
Adjustable noise barrier threshold -30 to 0 dB
PC connection interface Ethernet
PC connection protocol TCP/IP-based
Power supply voltage 24 to 60 V
Power consumption 30 W
Weight Maximum 3.5 kg