Studio equipment



Studio equipment is designed to provide high-quality sound at the workplace of every conference party, even in acoustically “complex” rooms. You will not feel fatigue from tension of the vocal cords, and you can focus attention and interest of the conference parties on the discussed subject.

In this section, the models of NP ZAO “REKO-VEK” studio equipment for intercom meetings and conferences are presented.

All models, except for KS-100, offer modifications that take into account individual customer requests and specific use features, as well as additional equipment.

Conference Systems KS-100 and KS-50 are designed to provide engineering support for meetings, conferences, intercom conferences of any level in large studios, providing high reliability and maximum comfort to parties, numbering 60 and more people.

Conference System KS-100 is a mobile set of KS-100, which ensures quick system deployment at places of emergency intercom calls, conference, conferences and other audio events.

Conference systems are directly connected to the E1 channel to operate in digital communication systems (KS-100 only), the four-wire VF channel or the physical four-wire line and are fully compatible with existing intercom systems.

For small studios with 1 to 8 speaking parties, BU-2006-based hardware system AK is used, which provides:

  • connecting up to eight individual microphone consoles;
  • connecting a remote dynamic or wireless microphone;
  • connecting an additional speaker system;
  • operation with a four-wire communication line;
  • a built-in level limiter;
  • a built-in level indicator;
  • connecting a tape recorder;
  • connecting an additional power amplifier;
  • 220 V mains supply and emergency power = 24 V.

To participate in the conference call without leaving the office, business-class hardware system KR-2401 or subscriber set KA-1401 (low-cost version) are used. Advantages of this equipment:

  • saving time not going to the studio;
  • When listening to a long meeting, you can do the current work;
  • other parties do not disturb you;
  • the minimum cost.