Congress system KC-3000

Technical parameters


The conference system KC-3000 is the latest development with a built-in networking module that allows you to perform the PC management of the system. This is the perfect option for any conference room with a large number of participants.

Designed for technical support of meetings, conferences of any level, it ensures high reliability and maximum comfort for events participants.


  • It ensures the work in the “round table” mode with low power sounding from its own microphones in the following modes:

           - only the chairman;

           - contribution/dialogue with the task of the number of speakers and the mode of dialogue;

           - without limiting the microphone switching on.

  • It provides work:

           - using ID cards;

           - in the voting mode;

           - with pointing HD cameras.

  • It provides the ability to remotely control by PC over a LAN.
  • Control from the touch screen of the central unit.
  • It provides microphone activation by voice
  • It provides the high interference immunity.


  • Central unit БЦ-3000
  • Chairman’s control panel ПМ-3000П
  • Participant`s control panel ПМ-3000

Technical parameters

The number of individual controllers connected to one unit up to 100
The number of individual controllers with subscriber extension up to 250
Frequency 50Hz-20kHz
Response level -15 dB
Signal / noise, not less     82 dB
Power supply voltage  110-220V, 50 Hz 
Current consumption, not more   1 A