Intermediate dispetching point PPDS-K

Technical parameters


PPDS-K (intermediate point) is designed for use in selective engineering communication networks. The intermediate point is compatible with both RSDT system and BKG system for call signals.


  • The capability to connect to the following communication lines: four-wire VF channel; four-wire physical line; two-wire physical line.
  • Operation with 8 voice frequencies, according to the system “2 of 8”;
  • Receiving of individual, group and conference call originating;
  • Originating a “receipt” - a call confirmation signal in the form of a single-tone or coded signal containing the number of an intermediate point;
  • Calling and communication in the following modes: simplex - via a two-wire line; duplex - via a four-wire channel.
  • Constant self-testing and self-tuning;
  • The capability of connecting a remote ring (up to 220 V, up to 1 A) (included);
  • Light indication of a call transmitted from the central station;
  • Uninterrupted built-in battery operation;
  • Extended operating temperature range from 0°C to + 40°C;


  • PPDS-K,
  • a telephone with a push-to-talk switch,
  • fire alarm АS-10 (OOPZ-12).

Technical parameters

Input/output impedance  600 Ohm 
Power supply voltage  24 V/~220 V 
Built-in battery operation  Up to 24 h 
Dimensions, WxHxD  240х115х240 mm 
Weight  1.5 kg