Data Communication Digital System POTOK-2




  • High data rate - up to 8 Mbps (data transit), up to 4 Mbps (data fork).
  • Regenerator spacing:
    • up to 25 km (MKS cable 2х4х1.2);
    • up to 120 km (optical fiber lines);
    • up to 8 km (unbalanced KMB cable).
  • Up to 64 regenerating stations at the facility.

Full-featured complex control from the communication centre, as well as from any regenerating station during the commissioning

Remote channel switching, diagnostics and adjustment of unit parameters directly from the operator’s workplace

A flexible tuning that allows you to assign individual arbitrary digital channels, split the E1 stream into several substreams

POTOK-2 is designed for constructing digital multichannel paths of trunk and area networks with a linear or tree-like structure using copper and optical fiber communication lines. It can replace K-60 equipment (K-60P) completely. It allows to connect external equipment with various interfaces (RS-232, RS-485, G.703, 10/100 Ethernet, FXS/FXO, VF channels) at any regenerating station.

The structure of POTOK-2 station equipment includes multiplexers, cross-connects, modems, interface converters, etc. Using these devices, the tasks of trunk digital streaming at the communication centre, converting channels with different interfaces, combining and splitting digital streams at 64 kbps channels, remote power supply of regeneration equipment and service communication.

POTOK-2 regeneration equipment allows organizing trunk, area, and mixed paths with a tree-like communication structure that provides branching of digital streams.

All system components have integrated diagnostics and configuration features, which allows both local and remote monitoring and management of components using a PC with installed dedicated software.


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