Subscriber Set KA-1401

Technical parameters


Subscriber Set KA-1401 is designed for equipping the workplace of the conference party, providing a duplex loudspeaker communication.


  • Full duplex;
  • Reduced acoustic feedback;
  • Transmitted signal regulation;
  • Switchable receiving and transmission levels;
  • Smooth volume control of received signals;
  • Enabling and disabling the microphone with status indication;
  • Automatic muting of received signals to a specified level when the microphone is turned on.


  • Subscriber Console with Microphone PA-1401,
  • Connecting cable,
  • AC Adapter,
  • Junction box,
  • Speaker AC-1 (6 W, black or white) - 1 pc,
  • Operation manual;
  • Pedal switch PV-1 (Options);
  • A headset «Plantronics» H251N (Options);
  • A headset adapter (Options).

Technical parameters

Termination  four-wire 
Rated input level  +4/0/-16 dB 
Rated output level  -13/0/+4 dB 
Amplifier power output  1 W 
Power consumption  4 W 
Dimensions, WxHxD  135x74x200 mm 
Weight  1.5 kg