Display unit with software TWS V.2



The software is an integral part of the STREAM-2 complex and allows monitoring, managing and configuring station and regenerator modules of the system. The appearing control software windows contain individual configuration panels for each channel and control buttons. Any channel can be configured individually.

The regenerator module has a number of information and engineering parameters, as well as features of managing the data stream propagation within the module. These parameters are displayed in the software window of the module status.

The path control mode allows monitoring the status of the regenerator modules visually, on the screen.


  • The capability of full-featured system management from the communication center via Ethernet or from any regenerating station during the setup period;
  • Setting up, monitoring and control of station and regenerator modules;
  • Remote channel switching using a PC, diagnostics and adjustment of unit parameters directly from the operator’s workplace;
  • The communication line display in the form of a topological diagram;
  • Protocol of latching alarm conditions;
  • User-friendly intuitive interface.