Control unit BU-2006

Technical parameters


The control unit is designed to match the signal levels of the intercom equipment and the elements of AK “Mini-Studio”. The control unit includes:

- Microphone amplifier;

- Input amplifier of the parties’ consoles;

- Amplifier of signals from a line with transformer isolation;

- Microphone signal limiter;

- Amplifier of transmission to the line;

- Receive signal correction circuit;

- Amplifier of power for the speaker system.


  • Connecting an additional microphone;
  • Connecting an additional signal source via a line input;
  • Limitation of microphone signals;
  • Indication of the output level by the LED indicator;
  • Galvanic isolation and current protection of four-wire VF channels and physical lines;
  • Standard output to sound recording equipment;
  • Connecting two speakers.

Technical parameters

Power supply voltage  220 V 
Emergency power supply  24 V
Dimensions, WxHxD  440x44x170 mm 
Weight  3 kg