Data communication digital equipment


  • Reliability and optimal starting costs;
  • The capability of expanding communication networks, “as it develops” investment;
  • The shortest time for installation and commissioning of equipment;
  • Providing long-distance communication;
  • A variety of interfaces;
  • The flexible power supply system;
  • Use of existing line structures while improving the efficiency of their use;
  • Equipment replacement without loss of facility controllability.


С сентября 2013 г. выпуск аппаратуры «Канал-Т» ограничен выполнением заказов на изготовление только отдельных компонентов комплекса, предназначенных для ремонта и поддержания функционирования, или расширения состава ранее поставленного оборудования.


Stream-2 is the data communication digital system designed for engineering communication networking, and it includes functional capabilities that anticipate today’s requirements and are oriented to meeting consumer’s future needs. The following operating conditions were also taken into account:

  • existing copper cable lines of various quality;
  • optical fiber cables;
  • increasing volume of data transmitted from production facilities (video data, telemechanics, etc.).