Conference system KS-100 “Round table”

Technical parameters


Conference system KS-100 is designed for engineering support of meetings, conferences, intercom calls of any level, both local and from remote studios via digital and analogue communication channels, providing high reliability and maximum comfort to participants of events.


  • Connecting up to 30 individual consoles or active speakers to central unit BC-2108;
  • Connecting up to 120 individual consoles or active speakers using expansion units;
  • Conducting conferences with insonation at each workplace;
  • Connection to the analogue VF channel for operation with remote studios;
  • Connection to the E1 stream for operation in the digital communication systems;
  • Enabling/disabling management from external console PKS-100;
  • Connecting external devices for additional sound processing (acoustic feedback eliminator, compressor, equalizer);
  • Connecting an additional wireless microphone;
  • Connecting to the external audio and recording system.
  • Operation modes:
  • “SPEECH"” - enabling one microphone is possible;
  • “DISCUSSION” - enabling five microphones is possible;
  • “DIALOG” - the next microphone turns off the previous one.
  • “ON REQUEST” - asking to speak.


  • Central Unit BC-2108,
  • Chairman consoles,
  • Console PKS-100,
  • The parties’ consoles,
  • Active Speaker Systems AS-1,
  • Subscriber extension unit БРА-2108,

  • Interface unit БИ-2108,


    Сamera point unit BHK-2108.

Technical parameters

Maximum number of chairman consoles in the system 
Console output power  0.5 W 
Active speaker AS-A output power  0.5 W 
Power supply voltage  220 V, 50 Hz 
Emergency supply voltage  48 V 
Power consumption  80 W 
Design  Desktop or 1U 19’’ rackmount 
Dimensions, WxHxD  484х44х330 mm 


Shema KS 100