Link aggregation packet switch KPS-1000

Technical parameters


Packet switch KPS-1000 is designed for distributed packet data networking using optical, copper or copper and fiber paths.

KPS-1000 is designed to operate within engineering communication systems and supports all types of interfaces for connecting engineering and communication equipment.


  • Improving the efficiency of using existing communication channels.

Distributed packet data networking based on KPS-1000 assumes the maximum use of existing channels, both copper and optical.

  • Easy network management.

All network devices have advanced unified tools for remote management and monitoring (Telnet/SNMP/WEB).

  • The capability of expanding the network, increasing the number of network devices.

This capability is achieved by data traffic routing, connecting or isolating network segments using high-performance managed Ethernet switches. High bandwidth and short delays introduced by switches create the conditions for deploying IP telephony systems.

  • The capability to reconstruct gradually and expand the capacity of communication channels.

The architecture of KPS-1000 network devices allows gathering of the port rate by simply replacing switch boards having SHDSL ports with switch boards having SFP optical ports. Future expansion of the capacity of optical ports from 1 Gbitps to 10 Gbitps is also achieved by replacing switch boards.


  • Packet data networking based on IP-technologies.
  • Using optical, copper or copper and fiber paths with complex tree-like and ring structures.
  • Step-by-step transition from copper to optical channels with simultaneous improvement of system capacity.
  • Data transmission over the optical cable at 1.25 Gbps.
  • Data transmission over one-, two-, three-, four-pair copper cable at up to 15.3 Mbps per pair.
  • Adding and dropping of dispatch communication channels, telemechanics (with all types of channel terminations/interfaces), telephone communication, Ethernet at communication points.
  • The capability to connect users from departments or services of the organization and their equipment to different VLANs organized according to their specialization or affiliation (engineering service, communications service, security, fire alarm, etc.).
  • Ensuring maximum real-time performance of mission-critical network applications via QoS.

Technical parameters

The number of switches installed in the module up to 3
Switches installed: - switch with SFP optical ports
  - switch with SHDSL ports
The number of 1000Base-FX/1000Base-X SFP optical ports up to 9 
The number of SHDSL ports up to 12 
The number of 1000Base-T Ethernet ports available to the user: up to 9 without 1Gbit networking of switches
  up to 5 with 1Gbit networking of switches
The number of 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet ports available to the user up to 12 when using switches with optical ports
The number of gateway boards installed in the module up to 6 
220 V mains supply, 18-48 VDC power supply, or remote power supply via communication cables  
Waterproof housing IP 65, HxWxD 600x400x300 mm
Weight maximum - 20 kgv