Interface unit BI-2108

Technical parameters


The interface unit БИ-2108 is designed to interface the conference system KС-100 with a personal computer through a local computer network.

Under the control of the installed specialized PC software "Program complex for control of equipment KC-100" included in the complete set.




The interface unit БИ-2108 is used for units with the manufacturing date from August 2018.


The interface unit in online mode provides:

  • gain control for all channels (INPUT, CONTROL PANEL, PM RECEIVING);
  • volume control from the PM channel and the volume of the sound;
  • connection / disconnection of the PM channel;
  • indication of the signal levels from the control panel / input and the signal level from the PM channel;
  • switching of operation modes of the equipment KC-100;
  • on / off of participant and chairman control panels with the indication of their states.

The software "Program complex for control of equipment KC-100" using the interface unit BI-2108 provides:

  • control and management of the conference system KC-100 in online mode;
  • ability to work with several systems KC-100 located in different places;
  • setting the parameters of the interface unit BI-2108 for the network parameters (IP address, mask, gateway, port);
  • saving of equipment location parameters;
  • indication of the connection with the interface unit BI-2108;
  • automatic diagnostics at connection to the system KC-100 (Presence and state of the control panels, operation modes, level settings) by comparing with the previously set reference value;
  • notification of the operator about the results of diagnostics;
  • searching of any connected devices in the local network.

Technical parameters

LAN Connection Interface  10Base-T / 100Base-TX 
Control protocol  TCP / IP 
Dimensions (W x H x D)  80x36x150 mm 
Weight, not more  0,2 kg