Uninterrupted power supply unit IBP-01

Technical parameters


The uninterrupted power supply unit is designed to supply dispatching equipment in conditions of intermittent power supply to the selective and engineering communication networks.


  • Integrated protection of the line stabilizer from short circuits and overheating;
  • Integrated battery failure protection;
  • Highly reliable operation due to built-in control circuits;
  • Easy maintenance.

In the presence of mains voltage, UPS ensures:

  • Powering equipment with current up to 0.5 A from a 12 V line stabilizer;
  • Optimal battery charge;
  • Maintaining a constant battery charge level.

In the absence of mains voltage, UPS ensures:

  • Equipment is powered by a 1.3 Ah battery;
  • Loss of load when the battery is discharged to 10.5 V.

Technical parameters

Dimensions, WxHxD  330х51х135 mm 
Weight  3 kg