Conference System KS-50 “Round table”

Technical parameters


Conference System KS-50 “Round table” is designed to equip large studios with 8 to 60 speaking parties.



  • Comfortable sound for each conference party.
  • Operation modes:



         -“CONFERENCE CALL”.

  • Duplex conference call;
  • Easy system expansion;
  • Compact modular design;
  • Connecting up to 60 parties’ consoles;
  • Connecting up to six additional microphones;
  • Connecting an additional signal source via a line input;
  • Front-panel output level indication;
  • Galvanic isolation and current protection of four-wire VF channels and physical lines;
  • Standard output to sound recording equipment (JACK);
  • Connecting additional speakers with a total resistance of 500 Ohm to 100 V;
  • Simultaneous enabling of up to 5 individual console microphones in the “DISCUSSION” mode;
  • Compatibility in levels with existing intercom systems, sound systems, sound recording equipment.


  • An electret microphone with a built-in power-on indicator;
  • A built-in speaker;
  • Two control buttons;
  • Impact-resistant plastic housing;
  • Original design;
  • Speech perception using a microphone and signal transmission for amplification and switching to control unit BU-5060;
  • Voice signal reproduction;
  • Enabling/disabling the microphone of your console using “MICROPHONE” button;
  • Blocking of all parties’ microphones using the button “MANAGEMENT” on the chairman console;
  • Indication of the microphone's “on” state;
  • Disabling the console loudspeaker, when the microphone is enabled;
  • The capability of changing the position of the microphone relative to the user, taking into account their individual needs, without moving the console base.


  • Control Unit BU-5060,
  • The chairman console (1 to 3 pcs.): PM-50P
  • Parties’ consoles (15 to 60 pcs.): PM 50
  • Microphone for the platform (options)
  • Pedal switch (options)
  • Amplifier 35 to 120 W (options)
  • Speaker system 20 W (options)
  • Wireless microphone (options)

Technical parameters

Termination four-wire
Rated input level +4/0/-16 dB
Rated output level -13/0/+4 dB
Power supply voltage 220 V
Power consumption 70 W
BU-5060 dimensions, WxHxD 424x96x312 mm
BU-5060 weight 8 kg
Console dimensions, WxHxD 200x80x160 mm
Console weight 1.5 kg



Shema KS 50