Secondary Multiplexer MXE2-01

Technical parameters


The multiplexer MXE2-01 is designed to integrate tributary streams into aggregate stream E2 at the rate of 8448 Kbps. Streams E1 or Ethernet traffic with the rate of up to 8192 Kbps can be as tributary streams.


  • Transfer of E1 streams with independent synchronization
  • Ethernet traffic transmission
  • Local and remote monitoring
  • Two types of aggregate port E2 - symmetrical twisted pair or coaxial cable
  • Maintaining a protocol for fixing errors and alarm conditions
  • Ideal for replacing of equipment IKM-20.

Technical parameters

Interface Е2 
Standard ITU-T G.703, G.704
Data rate 8448 Kbps
Framing ITU-T G.745
Line code HDB3
Wave resistance 120 Ohm or 75 Ohm
Interface Е1 
Number of ports 4
Standard ITU-T G.703
Data rate 2048 Kbps
Framing without framing or ITU-T G.704
Line code HDB3
Wave resistance 120 Ohm
Interface Ethernet 10/100 
Number of ports 4
Standard 10Base-T, 100Base-TX
Modes of operation 10HD, 10FD, 100HD, 100FD 
Additional functions  auto MDIX 
Control Specialized Software "Potok-2", command line
Supply voltage (20-32) V DC
Max. power consumption 10 W
Design 6U high built-in module
Dimensions, H x W x D 262x40x295 mm