Remote power supply unit RPU-600-01

Technical parameters


The remote power supply unit is designed for remote power supply of the regenerator modules of STREAM-2 equipment.

Schematically, the device is a current generator.

The regenerator modules are powered by a wire-to-wire circuit, and power is input into the communication line via LCU-4XEC1.

The integrated diagnostic system allows PC monitoring device operation.


  • Smooth adjustment of output current from 50 to 250 mA;
  • Output current indication in milliamperes;
  • Output voltage indication in volts;
  • Output voltage limitation at 650 V;
  • The integrated alarm system;
  • Integrated diagnostic system;
  • Management tool - dedicated software TWS V.2;
  • The control port is RS-232 via MSU-IP-01.

Technical parameters

 Maximum output voltage 600 V 
 Maximum output current 250 mA
 Power supply voltage 20 to 32 V
 Maximum power consumption 220 W
 Insulation resistance 20 MOhm 
 Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 262х70х295