Individual Terminal Device

Technical parameters


The individual terminal device is used in the intercom systems to communicate in duplex mode via individual headsets via 4-wire VF channels directly from the party’s workplace.


  • Operation in the intercom network via 4-wire channels and physical lines;
  • Full duplex;
  • The possibility for several operators to work in one room;
  • Reduced potential acoustic feedback;
  • A reliable film keyboard.
  • Automatic signal regulation;
  • Enabling and disabling the microphone with status indication;
  • The capability of volume adjusting;
  • The capability of operating with a standard headset.


  • A terminal device;
  • A headset;
  • An AC adapter;
  • Junction box;
  • Connecting cables

Technical parameters

Termination four-wire
Rated input level -13 up to +4 dB
Rated output level -13 up to +4 dB
Power supply voltage =24 V, -220 V
Dimensions, WxHxD 130x55x170 mm
Terminal device weight, maximum 0.5 kg