Station modem SM-4X4E-02S

Technical parameters


SM-4X4E-02S is designed for transmission of 4 synchronous digital E1 streams having one common synchronization source over 2-wire and 4-wire balanced MKS, ZKP communication cables with a core diameter of 0.9 to 1.2 mm, or similar cables.

The device has 4 E1 ports and 4 SHDSL ports. Data received by E1 ports can be transmitted via one, two, three or all four SHDSL ports depending on the settings.

The station modem supports line operation in the combined transreceiving (CTR) and individual transreceiving (ITR) modes.

ITR allows the device to operate on one cable line with outdated analog equipment, without having a significant electromagnetic effect on it.

The device has a number of diagnostic feature, such as the installation of engineering loops, latching errors and alarm conditions.

SM-4X4E-02S is controlled and monitored using dedicated software “Stream-2” v3.0 or higher via Ethernet, by MSU-IP-01. The device is designed for operation within station equipment set “Stream-2”. Design - 19” built-in module, for installation in UES-6141.

Technical parameters


Е1 interface 
Number of ports 4
Standard As per ITU-T G.703, G.704
Line code HDB3
Wave impedance 120 Ohm
SHDSL interface 
Number of ports 4
Standard As per ITU-T G.991.2
Line code TCPAM-16, 32, 64 (autoselection)
Cable Balanced twisted pair
Wave impedance 135 Ohm
Data rate 192 to 8192 kbps
Power supply 
Power supply voltage 20...32 V
Power consumption 6 W
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 35×262×295 mm