Uninterrupted power supply IBP-220V/24V, 100 Ah

Technical parameters


  • Voltage stabilization or current limitation modes of operation;
  • Light indication of mains voltage, output voltage or the de-energized power supply unit;
  • Automatic adjustment of the output voltage to maintain the battery voltage in accordance with the ambient temperature or to limit the battery charging current by the value set by the operator. The battery pack contains two acid batteries;
  • Digital indication of the supply network and load parameters; battery charge control;
  • Monitoring of UPS status;
  • The unit is designed for mounting into a 3U 19" telecommunication cabinet.

Technical parameters

Output voltage  24 V 
Maximum output current 12 A 
Maximum output power  300 W 
Output voltage adjustment range  22 to 28.5 V 
UPS dimensions, WxHxD  480x132x317 mm 
UPS weight   9 kg
Battery dimensions, WxHxD  327x220x172 mm 
Battery weight  32.5 kg