Dispatch communication equipment

The task set and solved by the experts of NP ZAO “REKO-VEK” was to create an operative dispatch communication system, which includes a central station, intermediate points, uninterrupted power supplies for intermediate points and line trunk amplifiers.

There was only one approach to the design of equipment - the maximum operation reliability of all system elements and their compatibility with existing operative dispatch communication systems, convenient operation.

This predetermined the choice of methods and tools for designing the system: the units were based on digital signal processing by embedded microcontrollers.

The use of embedded microcontrollers in the control panel of the dispatcher made it possible to generate highly accurate and stable call signals of any combined dispatching systems, and, taking into account the customers’ wishes, the feature of automatic determination of the number of an intermediate point that contacted or responded to the dispatcher was added to the console.

Automatic self-testing of the dispatcher’s control panel and generation of test signals for the entire system made it possible to simplify significantly the procedures for configuring the dispatching network and to reduce its maintenance costs.

The dispatcher creates communication circles and forms the address field of different groups of subscribers directly at their workplace. Programmatically assigning of any key for a specific intermediate point or for a dedicated group of intermediate point simplifies and makes the work of the dispatcher at the central station pleasant.