Regenerator module REG-TC

Technical parameters


REG-TC is installed in unattended station and regenerates the line signal in one direction without branching (linear topology of the cable communication line).

The regenerator modules are connected by two coaxial tubes of a KMB cable

It provides for the mode of signal transreceiving via one coaxial cable tube or the mode of separation of receive and transmission signals via different cable tubes; The separation mode allows to ensure electromagnetic compatibility with data communication analog systems.


  • The built-in controller;
  • Built-in sensors for external object monitoring;
  • Power supply - remote or local;
  • Access to the service communication channel;
  • Remote and local management;
  • Remains operational at the temperature of -40 to +40°C.

Technical parameters

Line interface

Wave impedance 75 Ohm
Line code ТС-РАМ16/ТС-РАМ32/ТС-РАМ64
Line data rate (192...8192) kbps
Line operation mode CTR or ITR
Number of line signal directions 2
Regenerator spacing up to 8 km
Control channel

Interface RS-232
Tools dedicated software TWS V.2
Power supply

Dropped remote power supply voltage 65 V
Remote power supply current 170 mА
External power supply voltage 12, 40, 65, 90 V
Power consumption 11 W

Corrosion-resistant waterproof case, (HxWxD) 300×305×210 mm
Degree of protection IP-65
Weight, maximum 11 kg