Data processing and communication unit BOPD-2801

Technical parameters


  • BOPD-2801 employs the algorithm of conferencing via digital communication channels with the capability to control the conference parameters;
  • The capability to connect up to four E1 lines for conference networking;
  • The capability to connect up to four conference parties at the unit installation point;
  • Functions of an Ethernet switch with traffic transmission via E1 lines;
  • The device and conference parameters are controlled using dedicated software “CDSS-01 Conference” over UDP protocol, or with the help of console commands.

Technical parameters


Interface Е1

Standard G.703, G.704
Line code HDB3
Synchronization sources E1 ports
Wave impedance 120 Ohm


Control ports Eth. 10/100, RS-232
Control protocol UDP
Management tool Dedicated software

Power supply

Power supply voltage 20...32 V
Power consumption 8 W
Design provides for mounting into a telecommunication rack. 1U