Regenerator module REG-F

Technical parameters


  • Regeneration and branching of the line signal in 3 directions (“cross”);
  • Adding/dropping the necessary channel intervals with different interface terminations;
  • The built-in cross-connect, which allows switching a E1 stream at 64 kbps channel intervals, organizing conference channels, logical conjunction channels, synchronization tracking, etc.;
  • Synchronization - internal or from any port E1;
  • The built-in controller;
  • Built-in sensors for external object monitoring;
  • The embedded regenerator station node;
  • Modes of signal transreceiving via one copper cable or separation of receive and transmission signals via different cables;
  • Remote and local management;
  • Access to the service communication channel.

Technical parameters

Number of line signal directions 4
Regenerator spacing for copper cables up to 25 km
Regenerator spacing for optical fiber cables 40 to 120 km
Number of conference groups 30
Number of conference group parties 5
Number of logical conjunction groups 30
Number of conjunction group parties 5
Control channel 

Interface RS-232
Tools dedicated software TWS V.2
Power supply

Power consumption 6,4...15,3 W
Remote power supply of a non-radio-equipped REG-F 
Dropped RPS voltage 40/65/90 V
Remote power supply current 160...170 mА
Local power supply of a non-radio-equipped REG-F 
External power supply/ mains voltage 24 to 48 V/ 220 V
Power supply of radio repeater URR-P 
Dropped remote power supply voltage 40 V
External local power supply/mains voltage 12 V, 40 V, 65 V, 90 V

Corrosion-resistant waterproof case, HxWxD 700x350x170 mm
Degree of protection IP-65
Weight, maximum 31 kg