Digital cross-connect

Technical parameters


The cross-connect is intended for switching 16 digital E1 streams. The cross-connect control system allows you to assign arbitrary channel intervals (time slots), split the E1 stream into several substreams.


  • Integrated diagnostics features - loops, constants, harmonic signal generators, cycle counters, built-in BER tester;
  • Conference grouping for voice channels with A-law PCM coding;
  • Logical conjunction grouping for point-to-multipoint operation of asynchronous RS-232/485 (V.24, V.28) channels.

Technical parameters

Cross-connect 512 x 512 connections
E1 ports 16 ports
Transmission standard As per ITU-T G.703
Line code HDB3
Wave impedance 120 Ohm
Coding As per ITU-T G.704
Synchronization internal, Е1
Control Telnet, dedicated software
Power supply, DC 20 to 70 V
Design 1U monoblock for a 19" rack


The diagram of conference communication over digital E1 channels (G.703) and standard four-wire VF channels

Shema 1 


The diagram for switching and transmission of E1 streams over copper cable lines

Shema 2