Remote power supply unit BDP

Technical parameters


The remote power supply unit is designed to supply remote power via the communication cable of trunk line amplifiers (ULM) in the absence of local power supply.


  • Extraction of galvanically isolated unregulated ULM supply voltage;
  • “Wire-to-ground” or “wire-to-wire” operation;
  • Dropping of a voice signal for ULM;
  • Translation of a voice signal from ULM into a line;
  • Line loopback in the event of a break and removing loopback in reactivation;
  • Lightning protection for input and output circuits.

Technical parameters

Output voltage of the communication cable, maximum  600 V 
Input/output impedance  600 Ohm 
Current in the communication cable  200 mA 
Amplifier supply voltage  18 to 26 V 
Current consumption, maximum  180 mA 
Dimensions, WxHxD  330x51x135 mm