System Power Supply Unit 24-500 (BPK 24-500)

Technical parameters


System Power Supply Unit 24-500 is designed to power to the terminal set of data communication equipment “Stream-2”, provides constant output voltage at high load current in the load and hot-swapping.

Technical parameters

Output parameters

Output voltage 24 V
Output load current up to 20 A
Maximum power up to 500 W
Hot-swapping (switching of the main to the backup power supply) yes
Hot-swapping is performed in the event of:  
- the main power supply failure;  
- undervoltage of the main power supply;  
- overheating of the main power supply  
Swithcing time maximum 0.1 sec


LCD four-line indicator


output voltage value
load current
unit temperature


Dry contact closure

Power supply

Input voltage range 19 to 72 VDC
Consumption до 21 А

Design requirements

Design 4U