Flexible multiplexer MX-6160

Expansion card installed in the multiplexer
Technical parameters


MX-6160 is used for data transmission from different interfaces via E1 channels. The device has 1 E1 port and 6 rack units for connecting expansion cards with various interfaces. Random picking in any quantity while ordering and during operation before filling the rack units. The range of expansion card interfaces is constantly updated.

The multiplexer has integrated features of PC diagnostics and management using dedicated software.

The multiplexer is designed as a 3U 19” subunit with removable expansion cards.


  • Multiplexing of VF, RS-232/485, FXS, FXO channels;
  • Easy addition and replacement of expansion cards;
  • Synchronization selecting and tracking;
  • Monitoring the operation of all unit interfaces;
  • PC control and diagnostics;
  • Easy maintenance.

Expansion card installed in the multiplexer

Expansion card V3-MX adding and dropping of three VF channels Expansion card V2A1-MX adding and dropping of two VF channels and one asynchronous RS-232/RS-485 channel Expansion card V1A2-MX adding and dropping of one VF channel and two asynchronous RS-232/RS-485 channel Expansion card FXS2-MX adding and dropping of two channels for connecting telephone subscribers Expansion card FXO4-MX adding and dropping of four channels for connecting to the exchange subscriber lines Expansion card RCU-MX for organizing a radio cable channel and connecting a radio base station

Technical parameters


Е1 interface 
Number of ports 1
Transmission standard As per ITU-T G.703
Line code HDB3
Wave impedance 120 Ohm
Coding As per ITU-T G.704
Control port 
Interface RS-232
Tools Dedicated software TWS V.2
Power supply 
Power supply voltage 20 to 32 V
Power consumption 12 W
Design 3U 19" container
                Channel specifications

VF channel 
Input impedance 600 Ohm
Output impedance 600 Ohm
Input range 35 dB to +5 dB
Input adjustment range 40 dB
Output level 13 dB/+4 dB
Bandwidth 300 to 3400 Hz
Total harmonic distortion Maximum 0.5%
Asynchronous channel 
Interface RS-232/RS-485
Data rate 600 to 115 200 bps
Transmission mode 8-N-1
Transmission of flow control signals (for RS-232) RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR

FXS channel 
Line voltage, minimum 30 V
Call voltage, minimum 30 V
Line current 20±1 mА
Tone level 14±1 dB
Generated signals As per GOST 10710-81

FXO channel 
Dialing tone/pulse
Input impedance 600 Ohm
Call voltage, minimum 40 Veff, 16 to 50 Hz
Generated signals As per GOST 10710-81