Central dispatcher control panel PD-4450

Technical parameters


PD-4450 is designed for direct calling (by pressing one button) up to 50 subscribers of the operative and engineering communication network.

PD-4450 is able to support the system of call signals RSDT, BKG, it operates together with a route distributor, to which physical lines or VF channels are directly connected.

Assigning buttons to subscribers is programmed by the dispatcher.

For each button, the following is programmed:

- communication circle;

- communication type;

 - subscriber code.


  • Direct call of fifty subscribers;
  • Conference call of subscribers;
  • Group call of subscribers (up to seven arbitrary groups in each circle);
  • Pairing with additional sections.

The embedded microprocessor ensures:

  • Automatic determination of the number of the contacting intermediate point;
  • Increased stability of call signal frequencies;
  • Generation of test signals for the entire system;
  • Automatic diagnostics of dispatcher consoles.

Technical parameters

Number of communication circles 4
Number of call frequency combinations per communication circle 56
Number of call combinations for an individual call 48
Number of call frequency combinations for a group call 7
Number of call frequency combinations for a conference call 1
Number of programmable direct call buttons 50
Input levels of the communication circles -13/0 dB
Output levels of the communication circles -13/+4 dB
Input/output impedance 600 Ohm
Power supply voltage 24 V
Power consumption 10 W
Dimensions, WxHxD 427x86x290 mm
Weight 5 kg