Six-channel distribution unit BR-6102

Technical parameters


The distribution unit of the intercom equipment ASS BR-6102 is designed for use in communication centres as a six-route distributor in intercom conferencing via four-wire VF channels.


  • Two emergency routes for expanding the system;
  • Arbitrary selection of a priority route;
  • The noise barrier for each route;
  • Switchable rated receiving and transmission levels;
  • Rackmount 19’’ design;
  • Transmitting the signal from the open line input to the outputs of all others;
  • Distribution of four-wire VF channels to 6 routes;
  • Expanding the system without losing the total number of channels;
  • Connecting the operator’s loudspeaker console to the system;
  • Selecting any route as a priority both for one unit and for a multiple-route system;
  • Input switching by the operator for each route with indication of the set mode;
  • Adjusting the input gain for each route;
  • Indication of exceeding the noise barrier by the input for each route;
  • Gain adjustment in the receiving and transmitting paths of the operator's console;
  • Connecting a five-element LED indicator to the output of any route.

Technical parameters

Number of lines for connecting channels or studios 6
Number of routes for expanding the system; 2
Termination four-wire
Rated input level -13/+4 dB
Rated output level -13/ 0 dB
Crosstalk attenuation in the transmission lines for each route, when the noise barrier is open -54 dB
Own unweighted noise, maximum -46 dB
Adjustable noise barrier threshold -25 to -10 dB
Power supply voltage 24 V, 48 to 60 V, 220 V
Power consumption 10 W
Dimensions, WxHxD 482x132x75 mm
Weight, maximum 3 kg



Shema BR 6102