The main and most important part of equipment of intercom and dispatch communication through VF channels, is switchgear. It is used both in central and peripheral nodes, and in communication channel branching.

Switchgear ensures combining of signals from different lines, their transit, processing, amplification and switching. The quality of switchgear units affects directly the quality of the entire communication system.

REKO-VEK has designed and manufactures a number of switchgear units that ensure the most rational design of communication systems, depending on specific tasks and operating conditions.

Equipment from NP ZAO “REKO-VEK” is successfully used to construct new systems, as well as to replace outdated and worn out equipment MSS-12, OGMTS, CGMTS, etc.

The switchgear units are designed taking into account step-by-step modernization of existing systems by replacing units or complete re-equipment of communication centres. For this purpose, the specifications of new switchgear units, such as the input/output levels and the input/output impedance, conform to the existing equipment. At the same time, the use of new units can significantly improve the reliability and engineering level of communication systems by increasing the structure flexibility and uniformity, using the priority system, and small signal distortions.