Intercom and Dispatch System DSS



Intercom dispatch communication equipment DSS is designed for operative communication between operators (dispatchers) on differents sites of the extended objects - pipelines, etc.


  • Loudspeaker duplex;
  • Direct connection to the required route (operator) using one button;
  • Receiving control of all routs in this point;
  • Round-the-clock operation;
  • Modern design, comfortable positioning;
  • Easy installation of the system.
  • Voice call of a subscriber when the button of the required direction (channel) is pressed;
  • Receiving from all routes to one console (permanently enabled to the common amplifier and the loudspeaker);
  • LED indication of receiving a signal (voice) to the input of each route;
  • Connect the operator microphone to the required route (channel) by pressing the corresponding button on the console with the “on” state indication;
  • The dispatcher/operator reserves the right to choose participation in a particular selective communication, and they can switch between the intercoms;
  • All the buttons of the operator console can be labelled (labels with captions);
  • Any party may initiate conference, but only regarding those circuits they may participate in;
  • Operation in operator and dispatching rooms at +5°С to +50°С;
  • Round-the-clock, year-round operation.


  • Dispatcher Console PD-1601;
  • Speaker AS-1 (black/white);
  • Distribution Unit BR-8101;
  • Interface Unit BI-8101.