Repeater radio station assembly

Technical parameters


The repeater radio station assembly is installed in REG-F to establish radio communication with mobile radio stations.

The station structure includes two units:

- a radio station unit consisting of two radio stations (receiver and transmitter), a duplex filter and a lightning protection module;

- the radion station starting unit  RSSU4-R.

Technical parameters

Repeater radio station assembly

Input impedance from the radio station 10 kOhm
Output impedance to the radio station 600 ±10% Ohm
Front-end amplifier gain range 3 dB
Output amplifier gain range 21 dB
The transmitter threshold relative to the rated input level −15 dB
Radio station transmitter on delay 0/1,2 sec
Maximum total harmonic distortion 0,12%
Radio station specifications 

Number of channels 16
Frequency band 134 to 160 MHz (А); 148 to 174 MHz (С); 400 to 430 MHz (AS1); 450 to 485 MHz (D); 485 to 512 MHz (F)
Channel frequency step 12.5 kHz/25 kHz
Ambient temperature −30 to +60ºС
Frequency stability ±2,5 ppm

Sensitivity at 12 dB SINAD 0.26 µV
Adjacent channel selectivity 60 dB (12.5 kHz)/65 (25 kHz)
Intermodulation 65 dB
Image rejection ratio 65 dB

Output power 1 W
Out-of-band emission −60 dB
LF signal distortion less than 5%
Emission 16KOF3E (11KOF3E for 12.5 kHz)
Overall deviation 5 kHz (2.5 kHz for 12.5 kHz )



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