Regeneration module REG-T2

Technical parameters


The regeneration module REG-T2 is installed in unattended stations and provides the regeneration of a linear signal in one direction without branching (the linear topology КЛС). 

Regeneration module REG-T2 has no possibility of channel dropping.

The connection between the regeneration modules REG-T2 is made via symmetrical cable communication lines.   

At arrangement of communication line the switching circuit can be double-cable or single-cable. In addition it is provided a mode of receiving / transmitting of signals through a single cable or the mode of separation of signals for receiving and transmitting via different cables. The separation mode allows you to provide an electromagnetic compatibility with analog data transmission systems.


  • Integrated control controller;
  • Built-in sensors for monitoring external objects;
  • Remote power supply;
  • Input of remote power supply is carried out both from the station set, and directly in the regeneration module REG-T2;
  • Access to the service communication channel;
  • Remote and local control;
  • Keeps working capacity in the range of temperatures from −40 up to + 40ºС.

Technical parameters

number of directions of the linear signal 2
length of the regeneration section up to 10 km (with a two-cable connection scheme and a data rate of not more than 7,680 Kbps)


Control channel


RS232 (19200 bps, 8N1)

facilities specialized software TWS V.2

Power supply

allocated voltage remote power supply 30 V
remote supply current 160 mА
power consumption, not more 4,8 W


anticorrosion and water resistant housing, (HxWxD) 305×300×210 mm
degree of protection IP-65
weight 7,5 kg