Leakage current monitor MTU-4001

Technical parameters


The leakage current monitor is designed to operate within the data communication equipment station set (“Channel-T” or “Stream-2”) with remote power supply (RPS). It is installed between the RPS source and the RPS insertion unit and ensures monitoring of the differential leakage current between the positive and negative “bus” of remote power supply, as well as monitoring of the average ground leakage current the within this RPS “arm”.

Technical parameters


Differential current in the range 0.03 mA to 10 mA
Average ground leakage current 0.001 mA to 5 mA
Remote power supply voltage up to 999 V


LCD four-line indicator


Differential leakage current
Average leakage current
RPS voltage
Set operating threshold (current type and threshold)


Dry contact closure
The threshold is set by the operator

Power supply

Unit power supply voltage 20 to 32 V
Power consumption maximum 8 W

Design requirements

Design 4U