Multi-purpose power supply unit MPSU-R



Multi-purpose power supply unit MPSU-R is designed for:

- power supply of the regenerator module from 220 VAC mains or 24 to 48 VDC external power supply;

- power supply of the repeater radio station assembly URR-3P.

MPSU-R includes the 40 V remote power supply extraction circuit, a 220 V mains unit, a pulse current stabilizer rated for an output current of up to 1 A, and a 7.2 Ah battery.

The battery is the main power supply to the radio station at the time of transmission. In receiving mode, the radio station is powered by the pulse current stabilizer. The stabilizer powers the radio station in the receiving mode and charges the battery. The stabilizer comprises battery charge and discharge control circuits. The charge control circuit stops charging when the battery voltage reaches 14.22 V, which prevents battery overcharging. The discharge control circuit disconnects the load from the battery when it discharges to 10.5 V, which prevents a deep discharge of the battery and its failure.