Four-channel distribution unit BR-4402

Technical parameters


BR-4402 is designed to branch the VF channel from the trunk route at the required point, as well as to connect two intercom conference studios to one VF channel with the control function in the line equipment room.


  • Operator console connection;
  • Adjusting the gain of signals received via the studio channel;
  • Transmitted signal level indication;
  • Receiving and transmission of signals (transit) in 3 routes at points of dropping VF channels in the trunk communication line;
  • The dropped communication control channel for connecting the operator console directly in the line equipment room;
  • Significant distance from the conference studio to the line equipment room - up to 1 km;
  • The operator can control the signal level during conference using the LED indicator;
  • The capability of real-time correcting the level of signals transmitted from the studio to the trunk by the operator.

Technical parameters

Number of lines for connecting channels or studios 3+1
Termination four-wire
Rated input level -13/+4 dB
Rated output level -13/+4 dB
Crosstalk attenuation in the transmission lines for each route 70 dB
Power supply voltage 24 to 60 V
Power consumption 3 W
Dimensions, WxHxD 160х31х240 mm
Weight, maximum 0.4 kg