Multichannel cable amplifier UKM-6100

Technical parameters


The multichannel cable amplifier is designed to compensate for attenuation of signal frequency equalization in cable communication lines, as well as to regulate the signal level in VF channels.


  • Receiving and amplifying the input for each channel;
  • Discrete adjusting the gain of signals in each channel;
  • Frequency equalization of the receiving channel;
  • Output level indication +4 dB for each channel.

Technical parameters

Number of lines for connecting channels or studios 6
Termination four-wire
Input/output impedance 600 Ohm
Channel gain 0 to +19 dB
Gain adjustment step 1 dB
Gain error 1 dB
Rated output level +4 dB
The frequency equalization at 3 000 Hz 0 to +6 dB
Power supply voltage 24 V
Power consumption 10 W
Dimensions, WxHxD 482х132х75 mm
Weight, maximum 3 kg