A technical solution for replacement of K-60P equipment.



This set includes functional units and modules of Data Communication Digital System STREAM-2:

  • Telecommunication modem MTP-2102;
  • Remote power insertion unit BVP-2101;
  • Remote power supply unit RPU-700;
  • Regenerator module REG-T.

This set is designed for long-distance transmission of 4 E1 streams and Ethernet traffic over balanced or coaxial lines using regenerator modules.

K 60P


  • Maximum volume of transmitted data - up to 40 Mbps.
  • It is perfect for replacement of K-60P equipment.
  • Transmission of four independently synchronized E1 streams.
  • Transmission of 10/100 Ethernet traffic.
  • The capability of organizing transmission of two independent Ethernet channels at 16 Mbps each.
  • Organization of a line interface using 1 to 4 balanced cable pairs, or 1 to 4 coaxial cable tubes.
  • Single-cable and two-cable operation modes to ensure interoperability with frequency division multiplex equipment.
  • Fast line connection and reconnection in case of interruptions - less than 45 seconds.
  • Remote power supply of the set regenerator modules.
  • Up to 16 remotely powered modules in one communication segment (when powered from both sides).
  • Local and remote monitoring and management of all components of the set using Stream-2 control software with a user-friendly graphical interface.