Digital Intercom and Dispatch System CDSS-01



CDSS-01 system is designed conference calls with the “transport” of information between parties via E1 channels. The transport environment for the digital intercom system with the use of CDSS-01 can be based on any channel-forming equipment supporting digital E1 stream transmission (G.703, G.704).



  • Intercom conferencing via digital E1 channels;
  • Real-time monitoring the status of units and ports;
  • IP addressing of each data processing and communication unit BOPD-2801 and network scanning;
  • Each conference party and each line route can be individually disabled using the control software;
  • As conference party’s equipment either terminal devices with a E1 port within “CDSS-01” system, or analog conference systems, for example, such as hardware system “AK” (Mini-Studio), conference system “Round Table”, etc., can be used. To connect analog equipment to the BOPD-2801 E1 ports, the converter UPI-03 (option) is used;
  • The capability of Ethernet networking and data exchange between the conference parties. As data, any type of Ethernet transmitted traffic can be used.
  • For example, file transfer, a videoconference, display of graphic data on the conference parties’ monitors by the speaker, etc.;
  • Connection of PA-8201 subscriber consoles to BOPD-2801 via E1 interface;
  • Branching of a E1 stream from each BOPD-2801 into three routes (“cross”);
  • Networking based on any channel-forming equipment supporting E1 stream transmission;
  • Connection of a console to BOPD-2801 to monitor the conference channel;
  • Sound reproducing by console PA-8201 through the built-in loudspeaker and remote speakers;
  • Operational remote control of the system components by the manager or dispatcher using software with a user-friendly graphical interface;
  • Monitoring of all system components via the service channel;
  • Quick conferencing by loading a previously saved configuration.