Primary multiplexer МХЕ1-11

Technical parameters


Primary multiplexer МХЕ1-11 is designed for multiplexing channels from various analog and digital interfaces into standard stream E1for transmission to higher level multiplexers. The type and number of such channels is determined by a set of the expansion cards. The multiplexer supports the work of 11 expansion cards. The multiplexer is installed at the terminating point and is designed to work as a part of the equipment OVG-21.


  • Multiplexing of VF, RS-232/485, FXS, FXO channels;
  • Easy addition and replacement of expansion cards;
  • Synchronization selecting and tracking;
  • Monitoring the operation of all unit interfaces;
  • PC control and diagnostics;
  • Easy maintenance.

Technical parameters

line rate, Kbps  2048 
line code  HDB3 
waveform, framing  according to recommendations ITU-T G.703, G.704 
input and output impedance, Ohm  120 ± 3.6 
receiver sensitivity, dB  minus 12 / minus 43 
isolation from the physical link  transformer