Distribution unit BR-8101

Technical parameters


The distribution unit is designed for equipping the intercom and dispatching center via standard four-wire VF channels in 8 routes.


  • Connecting up to eight 4-wire VF channels;
  • Eight buttons of direct adding VF channels with indication;
  • Received signal indication for each channel;
  • Indication of the input levels using the built-in indicator;
  • Indication of the signal level from the dispatcher microphone;
  • Adjustable noise barrier for each channel;
  • Additional channels for joint operation of two BR-8101 units;
  • Mounting into a 19” cabinet or telecommunication rack;
  • Output is communication recording.

Technical parameters

Number of connected VF channels 
Input/output levels  -13/+4 dB 
Input/output impedance  600 Ohm 
Power supply voltage  24 to 60 V / ~220 V 
Power consumption  20 W 
Dimensions, WxHxD  484x44x194 mm 
Weight  3.6 kg