Multiplexer MX-6170

Expansion card installed in the multiplexer
Technical parameters


The MX-6170 multiplexer is designed to combine channels from various analog and digital tributary interfaces into standard digital aggregate streams of two types - E1 and SHDSL.

The multiplexer is designed to work as a part of the "Potok-2" complex. The device can function as a standard E1 multiplexer at the node points of the communication system or it can be used to arrange a remote transfer of various interfaces to the end points of the communication system from the regeneration module via the SHDSL channel.

The tributary interfaces E1 and Ethernet are included in the basic configuration of the device. The multiplexer supports the installation of up to six expansion cards for access to other interfaces such as PM, RS-232/485, FXS / FXO.


  • Two types of aggregate ports - E1 and SHDSL
  • Work in the mode of standard multiplexer
  • Work in the mode of the multiplexer modem SHDSL
  • A flexible set of expansion cards that are fully compatible with MXE1-11 multiplexer cards
  • Local and remote monitoring
  • AC or DC power supply.

Expansion card installed in the multiplexer

V3-MX-01 –   input and dropping of three PM channels V2A1-MX-01 - input and dropping of two channels of PM and one asynchronous channel RS-232/485 V1A2-MX-01 - input and dropping of one channel of PM and two asynchronous channels RS-232/485 FXS2-MX-01 - input and dropping of two channels for connecting telephone subscribers FXO4-MX-01 - input and dropping of four channels for connection to the central office lines

Technical parameters


Characteristics of the multiplexing system

Aggregate ports SHDSL, Е1
Tributary ports:   
as a part of the device Ethernet 10/100, Е1
with the use of the expansion cards PM, RS-232/RS-485, FXS/FXO
Multiplex bandwidth:  
for aggregate port SHDSL 128 channels at 64 Kbps (8192 Kbps)
for aggregate port E1 31 channels at 64 Kbps (1948 Kbps)
Characteristics of  SHDSL Interface 
Number of ports 1
Max. data rate up to 8192 Kbps
Line code ТСРАМ - 8, 16, 32, 64 (autoselection)
Cable modes integrated reception / transmission
Wave resistance 135 Ohm
Characteristics of E1 Interface 
Number of aggregate ports 1
Number of tributary ports 1
Standard ITU-T G.703
Data rate 2048 Kbps
Framing ITU-T G.704
Line code HDB3
Wave resistance 120 Ohm
Characteristics  of Ethernet 10/100 Interface 
Number of tributary ports 2
Standard 10Base-T, 100Base-TX
Modes of operation 10HD, 10FD, 100HD, 100FD 
Additional functions  auto MDIX (autocrossing)
Control Ethernet 10/100 Specialized software "Potok-2", RS-232 command line
Supply voltage (18 - 36) V DC, or 220 V AC
Max. power consumption 15 W
Version 19 '  3U high
Dimensions, (HxWxD) 130x480x250 mm