Line connection unit LCU-2XE2K2-01

Technical parameters


LCU-2XE2K2-01 is designed for operation on the communication line built on unbalanced KMB cables (two coaxial tubes). The unit mixes the signals of the SHDSL modem and the remote power supply voltage supplied from RPU- 600-01 or RPU-700. It operates in conjunction with SM- 4X4E-02C and the regenerator module.

Service communication is organized via separately assigned pair.


  • SHDSL signal input into the communication line;
  • Remote power input into the communication line;
  • Changing the RPS polarity in each direction;
  • Organizing the service communication channel;
  • Active speaker output;
  • Integrated line input protection.

Technical parameters

Line interface 
Number of line ports 2
Insulation resistance minimum 20 MOhm
Communication cable KMB coaxial cable

Service channel 
Communication mode simplex
Input impedance maximum 1 kOhm
Output impedance 600 Ohm
Input level -30 to +20 dB
Output level Up to +20 dB
Bandwidth 300...3400 Hz

Power supply 
Power supply voltage 20...32 V
Power consumption 8 W

Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 262×35×295 mm