Flexible optical multiplexer FMX-3000

Technical parameters


A technical solution for ring and line SDH transport networking. Combining and transmitting PDH streams over optical fiber lines.

FMX-3000 is designed for ring and line STM-1/4 SDH transport networking. It supports all types of SDH protocol security. Flexible tuning of the multiplexer for various optical cables and their length is ensured by installing a suitable optical transceiver, provided for by the SFP module construct, in the modem unit. The FMX-3000 design allows organizing various versions of the SDH network architecture based on one device.

Technical parameters

Optical interface 
Line rate 155,52 Mbps
Optical transceiver SFP
Signal structure STM-1 Virtual Container
Optical path protection scheme 1+1
Line rate 622,08 Mbps
Type of optical transceiver SFP
Signal structure STM-4 Virtual Container
Optical path protection scheme 1+1
Е1 interface 
Cable  Balanced twisted pair
Wave impedance 120 Ohm
Data rate 2048 kbps ± 50 ppt
Transmission standard ITU-T G.703
Coding ITU-T G.704
Input and output circuit protection In-unit
Connection indication LED, front-panel
Ethernet Interface  
Standard IEEE 802.3u
Interface type Ethernet 10/100BaseT (Auto-Negotiation)
Connector  RJ-45 socket
LED connection indication  
Function units 

STM-1/STM-4 Line Interface Unit

The transmission mode is selected programmatically
2 optical interfaces 
8Е1 Interface Unit 8 E1 interfaces 
16Е1 Interface Unit 16 E1 interfaces 
ET4 Ethernet Interface Unit 4 10/100 Ethernet ports
A rack for mounting in the 19'' cabinet, HxWxD 132,5x483x300 mm
Number of rack units 15
DC power supply voltage 18 to 72 V
Connecting the interface cables and power cable at the front  


                               Using FMX-3000 within a ring SDH structure with 1+1 stream protection.

                                                                 Using FMX-3000 within a line structure